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Reliable Towing receives frequently asked towing questions from customers and prospective customers in Warman, Martensville, Saskatoon, and the surrounding areas in Saskatchewan. Read the towing questions and answers below to find out if they answer the questions you have.

What type of training do Reliable Towing drivers and operators have?

In addition to impeccable driving records, our staff has been trained through a certification group that offers a yearly refresher course. We also execute extensive training for new employees by seasoned staff members.

How are my towing costs calculated?

If your car is towed by order of the RCMP in Warman, Saskatoon, or the surrounding area, rates are determined by SGI. You can contact us for towing costs and information. Our affordable towing for inoperable vehicles is calculated by how many miles we need to transport your vehicle. If you need to know the rate for your tow ahead of time or have other towing questions, please contact us to go over the details. In the case of an impounded or seized vehicle, you will need a release certificate purchased from your local SGI to obtain your vehicle.

What if a battery boost doesn’t work?

Most of the time, we can use our equipment to jump start a dead car battery, but there are some situations where the car still will not start. If we cannot start your car after multiple attempts, the battery may have shorted internally or there may be another electrical problem. We will then tow your car to a location of your choice so that repairs can be made.

How does Reliable Towing remove a vehicle from a snow bank?

If your car slides off the road and into a snow bank, our operators will use tow chains and straps to pull your car out. We may also shovel out snow around your car to make it easier to move your vehicle. We’ll have you safely out in no time.

If there is a question not on here, please do not hesitate to call, we are available 24/7 for any of your needs!


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